Coach & Trainer Development


Train one-on-one or with a partner and experience an exercise program specifically designed to meet your personal and athletic fitness goals. The HDS individual conditioning and private sports training program is customized to one’s personal needs. Your own personal HDS specialist begins with a complete functional assessment, measuring your current movement mechanics, posture, balance, agility, linked system strength, core strength, and overall conditioning. Using the results of your assessment, your coach develops a unique strength and conditioning program based on your conditioning level and goals. The program builds strength from the inside out to the periphery of the body and also equalizes any weak links in the kinetic chain.

The HDS Conditioning Centre offers a wide variety of training service options to meet the needs of every athlete. Whether you enjoy training on your own, with a large or small group, with a friend or teammate, with your team or staff members, or maybe you’re not sure what you prefer, we have the program for you. Our all-inclusive package of services and resources includes:

  • Individual coaching

  • Small group training

  • Specialized coaching

  • Program design

  • Pre and post testing

  • Private training center

  • Nutritional consulting

  • Postural alignment assessments

  • Massage therapy

  • Post-workout refueling

  • Recovery-regeneration techniques

  • Communication with agents and teams

  • Individualized season programs

  • Post rehabilitation


Before you begin your training program we recommend booking a Functional testing session so you can use your results as a benchmark and set goals for improvement. Tests are specifically selected to match your goals and the demands of your sport. These include body composition, mobility, balance, speed, agility, power, first step quickness, strength, aerobic conditioning, anaerobic conditioning, and more.

Youth Fitness & Sport Conditioning

HDS Conditioning is a progressive team, driven to redefine sport conditioning through knowledge, innovation, and experience. Building champion athletes and winners in life is what our sport performance training and youth fitness programs do. We have a wide range of Sport Conditioning Programs for young athletes from the ages of 8-16 years old and from the beginner to elite level. Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and participants can choose to train 1, 2, or 3 sessions per week, depending on the Sport Program. Take your game to the next level with Twist’s elite sport conditioning specialists and functional youth fitness programs. Youth Sport Conditioning will teach young athletes the foundational components of athleticism through a fun, dynamic and motivating training environment. Children between the ages of 8 and 11 are at a peak stage for nervous system development. This means that most of their body awareness, coordination, movement mechanics and balance will be developed by the age of 12 making it a critical time for youth athletes to train. The program will focus on developing movement not muscle. Balance, agility, quickness, core stability, posture, reactivity and strength will be trained through fun and challenging drills. Don’t miss this window of opportunity, join the youth movement.

Outdoor Adventure Training

Take your fitness to the great outdoors-As a member of our outdoor adventure team you will kayak, mountain bike, hike, rock climb, snowboard, trail run, road cycle and enjoy the elements of nature with the thrill of adventure! Going green is more than just throwing your plastic bottle in a recycling bin. Truly embrace the earth by living and breathing in it. Grab the dirt and feel the wind in your face! HDS Conditioning is known for an outstanding recreational culture that promotes living a vibrant life, having a work hard – play hard attitude and constantly giving energy to others. This combination is founded on mutual respect for Mother Nature and our environment combined with the camaraderie and dynamics found on that of a championship caliber team. This culture is our foundation. It defines who we are and guides how we operate. HDS is committed to leading an evolving fitness training industry with a focus on improving all aspects of the human machine – from youth sports to aging boomers, at Human Development Systems everyone is an athlete!


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