Why all the injuries to Games athletes?

To put it most simply...Because it is The Games. The moment people can make the distinction between CrossFit Competition and CrossFit Training is the moment this question will be put to rest....These are professional athletes, competing on the grid, in a professional sport with the fittest athletes on earth. To the conversation of what % of the CF Games athletes have been injured during their quest for greatness is both absurd and ignorant to the nature of professional competition. What % of professional athletes in any sport suffer injuries? Football players get injured. Hockey players get injured. It is dangerous. It is violent. It is explosive. It is SPORTS. Even looking at less violent sports such as golf or tennis. How many Times has Tiger Woods been injured, How many surgeries has he undergone. How many times has Serena Williams had to pull out of a match due to injuries? It is the nature of competition and sports. There is an inherent risk involved with playing sports, especially at the highest level with the best athletes on earth. CrossFit has to be understood as both the Competition "The Sport of Fitness" and the Training GPP (General Physical Preparation) "Constantly Varied Functional Movement Performed at a High Intensity" etc. When an athlete chooses to compete, the approach and programming differ drastically from the approach to training. When the athlete steps on the grid to compete he or she makes a conscious decision to put their body and health on the line to go to battle. They understand there will be dangers, consequences, risks. They are at that point leaving the training realm and entering the battlefield. Any and every great sport present danger, risk and reward. It is why humans are drawn to it. Because it is hard. Because it defies the odds. Because it is not a "safe space". Because it has danger and excitement. It is why the ones who are good enough are paid hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. It is why people adore and respect them. They have sacrificed some things to get here... including never being injured....