Dominic Odell


I have been a coach and personal trainer for 8 years. I am now also Head of Spartan endurance in the U.K. and work for Spartan all over the world. My personal philosophy on training and life is that you get out what you put in. If your consistent the hard work shows. If your not then you won’t achieve your goals. I have always lead by example and from the front. In the events I lead I want people to know I have been there and done as for me this gets the greatest respect. If I’m asking someone to backwards bear crawl up a steep incline after doing hydro burpees, I want them to know I have done it or something similar. Same goes with training I’m not going to throw together a training session that I haven’t done myself. I also believe that you should train in the environment you intend to fight in. So if your training for events that you will get cold and wet then your training should mirror this.

OCR(obstacle course racing) and endurance events.

Training Approach: 
The hybrid athlete or tactical athlete style programming developing overall strength as well as conditioning and mobility.

Premier international level 2 & 3 personal training 
Training for warriors level 1 & 2 
Body type nutrition academy and advanced diploma
Spartan X and Spartan SGX


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