HDS provides programming for affiliates, individual athletes and teams, tailored specifically for your facility and available gear. Built upon the specific objective, goals, equipment and or class sizes. Month to month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. HDS programming is developed to remain constantly varied and provide General Physical Preparedness (GPP) for the everyday fitness clients to advanced programming for the competitive and combat athlete.

To sign up for individual or affiliate programming please fill out the application and we will be in contact shortly. If you have further questions about our affiliate or individual programming please feel free to email us directly!

Raw Strength
$10 / Month

Raw, functional strength, and stamina based , built for all level athletes based in the principles of total body conditioning

This program is developed with minimal equipment and designed for the athlete working from home, on the road or with no access to conventional gym equipment and training gear.

Designed for the athlete training for life, functionality, and comprehensive patterning, athletes with a grind mentality and possibly limited equipment or home gyms.

Modalities used will be bodyweight (Calisthenics, plyometrics, gymnastics) Gear is minimal but could include everything from sandbags, backpacks, kettle bells, dumbells, bands etc.)

Programming to help you prepare for any situation utilizing the most minimal and mobile approach to keep you moving no matter the place, time or situation.

$50 / Month
  • Program dedicated to development of power, strength with complimentary movements

  • This program will focus on the “big three" lifts (squat/pull/press) using rep maxes

  •  Rep maxes account for individual & daily differences in how your body is responding to training. 

  • We will incorporate accessory movements and focus on drills to improve movement pattern. 

  • The more efficient your movement pattern, the better your training quality and recovery will be. 

  • Basic gymnastics movements, (Push ups/Pull ups etc.) including isometric work, to build structural and joint health. 

  • Accessory Functional Body Building incorporated

$199 / MONTH
  • Perfect for individuals looking to still stay connected with their communities, but improve upon high skill movements, aerobic capacity, and tasks relevant to Competitive athletes

  • Includes private consultation that provides feedback on lifts and answering of relevant questions

  • Perfect for athletes that are ready to take their game to the next level and improve their competitive performances.

  • Includes video movement breakdown and analysis

  • Programming delivered weekly. 

$199 / Month
  • HDS system is tested, proven and utilized by affiliates worldwide!

  • Classes includes Strength components, Skill components, Accessory pieces, Metabolic conditioning, Mobility & activation techniques.

  • Includes access to our staff and coaches for questions, help and opportunity to gather feedback, obtain training notes, and multiple educational resources to ensure our programming is as inclusive, customized and detailed as possible.

  • All skill levels are met with both strength and conditioning compositions.

  • Our programming has been tested for over 25 years building and developing athletes from all levels since 1999. We blend maximization of energy systems, work, hormonal stimulus and phosphogenic, glycogenic oxidative metabolic pathways with periodization and classic CrossFit Benchmarks.

  • Programming is built out in 12 week cycles and delivered daily

  • Your athletes will move faster, with more optimal Range of Motion, feel better and exceed all strength and cardiorespiratory expectations within one cycle.

 $30 / Month
  • Programming for sport specific training

  • Specialization in designated sports or multiple sport athletes

  • Concentration in agility, explosiveness, flexibility, mobility, muscular/cardiorespiratory endurance, hand-eye coordination, reaction

  • Off-season adjustments and integration

$15 / Month

Designed for athletes wanting to develop strength and speed without sacrificing endurance.

This program was developed through years of experience both racing and coaching in OCR (obstacle course racing)

The focus is to develop strength and body control whilst improving your aerobic capacity and become a more efficient and faster runner over longer distances.

The Hybrid athlete program integrates recovery and mobility to keep you injury free and allow you to recover as fast as possible, the will allow your body to get the greatest benefit from the intensity that this program delivers.

The program will have components that are OCR specific, they will improve grip strength, help strengthen weak areas specific for certain obstacles and will help with conquering obstacles more efficiently.